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The ice-breaker for my school's anime club is on the same day the last episode of reborn is showing ><! This time, I think I'll be more active in my club instead of just appearing for the ice-breaker and then disappearing.....my friend is the same lol...he also only appears for the ice-breaker =___=....I should prbly attend the karaoke sessions, halloween dance, valentines dance and other events. I'm saying this now so I won't back out on my words ^^;.....Planning on cosplaying as Rukia for the halloween dance and maybe getting my friend to cosplay as Ichigo? (His hair is pretty much already the same colour orz).


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Gokudera's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's/was (depending on the time zone lol) Gokudera's birthday and all I did was yell/scream about in my friends' faces today ^^;. Like, "Do you know who's birthday it is today? IT'S GOKUDERA'S!!!!!!!" They ask me why I know that and I answered," BECAUSE I LOVE HIM!" hahahaha ^^; As for the fanart, I can't even colour/finish in time since I had so much school work to do ><! Such as studying for Japanese >__>.....so it's a late birthday present that I could finish on the weekend? (Unless I get distracted and start playing BBS....)

But here's a little something I learned and I guess it would be for Gokudera's sake that I learned it:
わたしにとって, 獄寺はかっこいいだとおもいます
watashi ni totte, Gokudera wa kakkoii dato omoimasu.
Direct translation:To me, Gokudera is cool, is what I think. (?)

Gahhhh....I don't remember what it translates to exactly OTL ;___;....I learned this from my friend who's also my personal Japanese Tutor (who's not a hitman) ^^. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

Gokudera otanjou-bi Omedetou!
Buon compleanno Gokudera!
Joyeux anniversaire Gokudera!
Happy Birthday Gokudera!

(Haha overdid the languages ^__~. I learned French in high school, so that's where the French came from *cough*)
(Btw, if anyone can direct me to some program or site that can help me type Japanese, that would help a lot!)


This is for my own reference. I gave ratings out of 10. Feel free to suggest any games for me to play :D!


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Yeah, I know this isn't one of the posts I promised, but believe me, I was working on my Anime Evolution 2010 report last night but I had to sleep early  for school ><!  \oh and today there was a cute thing that happened xD! I was at Daiso with a friend and Rolling Star by YUI Acoustic ver. was playing. I was singing along with a little girl and we both laughed since we were like weebos singing together at a store xDD. It was realllly a cute moment >w<! The little girl(~7-8) was cute too <3! It just made me think, if I had a daughter that cute, we could sing jpop songs together hehehe.

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Yes I'm a procrastinator...

Ok..so I havn't been able to post all of those stuff that I promised -___-....I'm like one of those scanlators who never update for months haha.....Well...I will make a legit promise now (since school is gonna start in a week...).

I promise I'll post my report on Anime Evolution, my daily life summary of the summer, my inheritance arc summaries and if I have time my reborn manga reviews before school starts.If I get comments pushing me to do so, I'll most likely post them ^^;.....Especially if you roleplay as Gokudera xD (but I'm roleplaying as Tsuna, so you can't post like "YOU *^*&%&$^%$^! YOU BETTER POST OR ELSE I"LL SHOVE DYNAMITE DOWN YOUR THROAT!" hahaha)

Oh and I recently got a formspring since I was so bored last weekend:www.formspring.me/Toritogedoki
So feel free to ask me anything random!

Not posting this weekend since I'm leaving for a trip to Oregon ^^! So see you then!

Con recovering atm

Anime evolution 2010 passed by in a flash! I had fun this year.....but only mostly cuz of the ppl I hung out with, the ppl I met and the guests that came this year. Team Four Star and LittleKuriboh were hilarious and nice ppl. The quality of the con went down compared to last year's though....And not many cosplayers stood out for me....I focused on the reborn cosplayers this year. I think it's either a)my expectations increased from last year b)everyone went to Comiket78 (Kurot did...) c)It was at UBC, so not many ppl came (plus I go to shcool there orz....). I'll post the full report sometime this week with pictures, my experiences and what I bought(mostly 5927 doujinshi this year ^^;). Con recovering right now lol.

59 and 27 colour doodles

My doodles are here in my scraps on my DA. I think my colouring technique using copics and other markers improved ^^! But I need to practice colouring on my computer orz......And I know I shouldn't try to imitate Amano-Sensei's colouring/drawing style....but I really like it ><!

(btw, I'm prbly gonna post tons of stuff this month...so be prepared....)

Updates and my personal to do list

I'm finally done summer school hurray! Now I gotta do the things that I've been ignoring....First I have to finish my cosplay outfit for AE. It'd be sad if I looked all over for that sweater vest for nothing. Next I gotta post up that daily life blog I've been working on, inheritance arc review and manga reviews. I'm going to seattle for a one day shopping trip so I can't do much yet....

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The reason why that day was just so bad was cuz this douchebag who was the same age as me was swearing at me and my driving instrutor even though he was the one that was wrong......That made me think, "wow I feel sorry for whoever hangs out with him." And I appreciate my guy friends more. They are total gentlemen compared to that moron. But yeah that was why I felt horrible....kinda a stupid reason but it traumatized me.....

Anyways, gotta catch up on my to do list. And that friend who was travelling around the world is back from his adventures (i'm so envious...) so I have less time to finish that list lol.


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